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About Us


The Opening Times of Lanfranc’s Restaurant

Our LanFranc’s Restaurant is open daily for residents (also non-residents) Breakfast (Mon-Fri) 07.00 – 9.45 / (Sat-Sun) 08.00 – 10.00
Lunch 12noon – 2.00pm (reservation recommended for Sunday lunch)
Dinner (Mon-Fri) 6.30pm – 10.00pm / (Sunday) 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm.
If you are running late in the evening, just call before closing time and we could get the chef to put some thing aside for you.

Check in and Check out times.

Check in time is from 2.00pm and check out time is 12 noon. Please try to be a little understanding, if you want your room before 2.00pm, ask yourself would you check out early so the next guest could check in early. If 60% of the rooms checked out between 11 -12, I would need an army of maids to guarantee all rooms to be completed by 2.00pm. We allocate 30mins per room for cleaning and proud of our standard of cleanliness.
So, if you would like a room Guaranteed for an early arrival you will have to pay the night before.
However, if on arrival your room is available you are welcome to checkin.
Now for late checkout you will have to negotiate with the duty receptionist, box of chocolates would help!

Dogs and Cats

Are welcome in Park House (this is situated 40yds from the main hotel). We would advise you to mention the pet at the time of booking so that a ground floor room can be allocated.
Park House backs onto a wonderful park where your pet will enjoy its early morning walk and wee wees.
On arrival we ask for a deposit which will be returned after a quick inspection of the room on departure.

Luggage Storage

We can look after your Luggage for you free of charge while you pop into Harrow, Central London or work. As Heathrow is only a bus ride away you may want us to store the luggage until you are ready to take the 140 bus to Heathrow.

Car Parking

We have just over 70 car park spaces for our residents and non resident functions. Please understand, we do not guarantee you a parking space. We have 70 and if there is one free you are welcome to it.
When you think the car park looks full find me or my assistant and we will find you a parking space. We have not failed yet to find a space. For all hotel residents we do need your car registration. We are patrolled by our car park enforcement agency. Once a ticket has been issued there is no going back.

Wireless Internet connection WiFi

We use Multinet for fast and efficient service. In the main hotel it includes all the ground floor, conservatory, Lounge bar, all function rooms. Bedrooms including Hotel and Executive wing have access to Multinet. There is a charge and you will require your Credit Card to Log on.

Disabled Access

We have specially equipped Disabled Rooms in our Executive Wing but if it is just stairs that are a problem we do have a few rooms on the ground floor in the Main Hotel and in Park House. (40yrs from the main hotel). We also have rooms in our courtyard where you can drive up to the door.

Harrow Town Centre

Within 5 minutes walk of the front door of the Harrow Hotel, you have a Bus station, Underground Station, Gym, Two shopping centres (St Georges and St Anns) 9 screen cinema, many well know town pubs, pizza places, many restaurants, one night club plus loads of other shops for spending your money. Most large banks can also be found in Harrow.

Non Smoking Policy

The hotel is strictly non smoking in compliance with the new laws. Smoking is only allowed in our designated smoking area. A shelter has been provided to protect you from the elements; however, we added some flowers to improve the harmony. So keep it a secret otherwise we will be done for cruelty to flowers.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

We have a great service for dry cleaning and laundry. Same day out at 10.00am and back around 7.00pm, providing that is he doesn’t get stuck in traffic. He works 6 days a week excluding Sunday, I suppose we can not ask him to work 7 days, it would be unfair... or would it!!

Local Fitness Centre

For those willing to part with their money, we can provide you with a day Pass to a local national gym at a reasonable price. Just ask at reception. For those with no money we have a great park at the back of the hotel. I would like to say it was our private park but it isn’t. It’s about one square mile around, with a basketball shooting ring, Tennis Courts and in the evening after your run you can sit and watch cricket or bowls or Football in the winter.

Central London

By car, I can do it in 19minutes to Hyde Park, but what I am not telling you, it is on a Sunday morning at 8.00am. Normal travelling time to the centre about 40mins By Underground, 15 minutes to Baker St and another 10/15 minutes to bright lights of London and as you already know the underground is only 5 minutes way. By bike, I know I can hear you saying, you must be joking; well not really, it takes about 1.5 along the canal. The canal is on the other side of Harrow on the Hill to Regents Park, then straight down Regent Street, Probably quicker by bike on a Monday morning the way the traffic builds up on the A40.

Harrow Bus Station

We are a short walk to Harrow Bus Station, where you can take a bus directly to Heathrow Airport Central. The 140 bus takes about 50min to 1 hour journey time and leaves from 5.30am until 8.00pm every 10 minutes then every 20 minutes thought out the night. From the station you can also take a bus to Brent Cross - an even larger shopping centre than Harrow.

Bus & Train Information

Generally speaking reception can find out times for Trains and Buses by using the internet. Be warned, make sure they know what you mean; otherwise you could end up in Manchester.

Our Cancellation Policy

Our standard Cancellation Policy is 24 hours, however on some occasions it may be as much as 72hrs (mainly on Special Wembley Event days) This will be confirmed when you book. We at the Harrow Hotel have a strict cancellation policy. If you cancel within the 24hrs we will charge. You as the customer have the right to book and hold a room up to one year, that’s 365 days you have blocked us from selling that room. So if you cancel on the 365th day we guarantee you, you will be charged. What you must understand how many phone calls during that 365 days where we could have sold that room.


Quite a few of our room rates do not include Breakfast, so please check carefully what you have booked. We have a policy to add breakfast to your rate and if you decided the next day not to eat breakfast tell the receptionist and she will take it off. The rate for breakfast with a room is £12.50 per person. A non resident is charged at £15.00.
Please ask when checking in if your room rate includes breakfast.
Breakfast on Sunday Mornings are normally busy, everybody has the same idea, that extra 30 minutes in bed, I don’t blame you I do the same. Putting that kind of pressure on the Restaurant and Kitchen, 20 minutes before closing will result in slower services. I would ask you please be patient not only for us but any hotel on a Sunday morning.

Family Rooms

The hotel has several family rooms from 3 to 5 persons. We also have available interconnecting rooms for the family with older teenagers. Baby Cots are available on request and milk bottle warming and refrigeration can be arranged by reception. We can re-heat baby food anytime, reception or Night Manager can help.


We have our own mini “Boots the chemist” cupboard behind reception. We can help you with toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, smelly stuff, razors, shaving foam, tights, hairspray, conditioner, hair gel etc etc. They are reasonably priced but as I have to go and buy the stuff from Boots and I hate shopping I put a small surcharge on all items. SO DON’T FORGET YOUR DEODORANT.
I am doing a roaring trade in travel adapters. Like all hotels we bought them and loaned them out to the guest after awhile (like 10years) I really got tired of guest borrowing on a permanent basis, or should I say not returning them to reception. So now I buy a box load at a time. It works…. So a quick message to our foreign visitors, do not forget to pack your travel adapters

Hotel Payment

Payment can be made by cash, euro’s, dollars, credit cards and debit cards. Like most Credit Card Machines these days you are able to pay in your own currency. Before you enter your pin the Credit Card machine will ask you to choose.
The Harrow Hotel has a new policy from 2007. We do not accept Cheques as payment on departure.


We are unable to register the hotel guests with a local doctor. For an out of hour’s doctor we recommend telephoning NHS Direct on 0845 4647. Please contact reception and they will put you through and help you with anything you need. We have a NHS Hospital about 5 minutes away by taxi with a large Accident and Emergency Department. But as you maybe aware there will be a time issue, especially if it is a Friday or Saturday night.

Message Service

All our rooms are equipped with Voicemail so messages can be left on your telephone for you to pick on your return.
Also the good old fashion way, messages can also be taken at the reception desk.


We have an Incoming and Outgoing service. Up to 5 pages of incoming Faxes are free there after a charge will be levied.

Local Catholic Church and other places of worship

The most FAQ place of Worship at the Harrow Hotel is where the local Catholic Church is. Good news, it is about 5 minutes walk in Roxborough Ave, just past the BP Garage.
Reception has a list of other churches and other places of worship, with maps.


Safes are found in our Executive and Superior rooms and can be operated by a credit card or electronic swipe card.
We also have safe facilities at reception.

Fire Alarm Test

We hold a Fire alarm test every Monday Morning at 11.00am, so if you are thinking about a lie in, not Monday mornings.

Nearest Large Supermarket

With in 5 minutes drive you have 3 large supermarkets, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury but within 5 minutes walk you have a medium size Spar.

Hole in the Wall

We have within 5 minutes walk two and within 7/8mins walk hundreds.

What Details do you need to make a Booking

Name, Address, Telephone Number, Company/Private, Date, Room required, Email address, Credit Card Number and details, Name on Card.

External Noise... Very Important Point

The Harrow Hotel is a town house hotel circa 1890. Back in those days the house was situated in a lovely countryside setting just below the Harrow Hill with the town centre to the left and Metropolitan Line 500 yards away. Now the Harrow Hotel is 5 minutes way from a busy town along side a busy A404 and along with that comes the urban noise. I wish I could make it go away but I can not so we have done the next best thing, doubled and triple glazed every room on the front, side and back of the hotel. Some of our Double glazing is 15 years old and some 2 months old. You the guest need to stay in Harrow and we the Hotel try to make your stay as comfortable as possible, but lets not pretend we are in the quiet countryside where the night is silent a and just the owl is hooting.
With a Town House hotel come other noise problems. Where do we put the running of the air conditioning, refrigerators, and the beer cellar? You the customer want air conditioning, safe food to eat and cold beer. I can assure you, great thought goes into where a motor goes and we try to pick a place that will not disturb our visitors. I would love to put them across the road in the wood yard and have the pipes running across the A404, but I feel Harrow Borough would have something to stay. If you are a very light sleeper, let us know, we have rooms up our sleeve that could help you.

Taxi to and from the Airports

All London airports have black taxis; most of them only know their way to central London and central London address. So if you decide to take a black taxi please make sure that he knows where Harrow is. You would be surprised how many black cabs we have guided in from Heathrow. Black cabs tend to be more expensive than mini cabs by 50% however; you can not pick up a Mini cab from the airport. We can arrange for a Mini cab to pick you up or put you in touch with the company we use. To make that arrangement you will need a credit card, flight number, mobile telephone. You will have to pay for car park fees and waiting time if you are late.

Does the room have a view?

Does the room have a sea view? Yes, if you look out the window you can see the view! You would be surprised how often we get asked this question

I’m bored, what can I do in Harrow?

This Question comes up quite often, a guest finishes work earlier than anticipated or their flight doesn’t leave until the early evening and central London just too far. We have some great attractions in Harrow and the surrounding area. Here are a few of them listed below:

  1. The Hill, Harrow on the Hill, Famous Harrow School, seven Prime Ministers went to Harrow School, one being Churchill. Also one of the Harry Potters film was the setting for magic lessons at Hogwarts.
  2. On the Hill, the St Mary’s Church – Which you can see from the hotel. The Spire is over 500yrs old. Lord Byron was at Harrow School as a boy and his little daughter Allegra (by Clair Clairmont) is buried in an unmarked grave outside, very near to the south porch.
  3. St Lawrence church Commonly Known as Handel’s church where the composer Handel played the organ.
  4. Harrow Museum along with Headstone Manor. The Manor house dates back to 14th Century.
  5. Grims Dyke, well worth afternoon Tea and a walk around the Gardens. The home of the late W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan
  6. RAF Hendon Museum. You would need a good 4 hrs in the Museum.
  7. Harrow Art Centre, The arts centre promotes and delivers high quality diverse arts programmes and education
  8. Pinner High Street famous for many TV series and the birth place and childhood of Elton John. Boutiques and craft shops and three historic pubs.

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